We’re at the very beginning of coronavirus economic disruption, analyst says

Monocle- The Briefing (February 25)

Monocle- The Briefing (February 25) Anna Rosenberg The Briefing – Monocle 24 (February 25) Anna Rosenberg discussing UK/EU trade talks, Coronavirus etc. (Starting at minute 15.30)...
Rosenberg on The Globalist

Rosenberg on The Globalist

Rosenberg on The Globalist Anna Rosenberg Clip of Anna Rosenberg: The Globalist 12 February 2020 https://www.signumglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/136/2020/02/200212_MR1_GERMANY.mp3 Rosenberg on The Globalist As Angela Merkel’s favoured successor resigns, who will...

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