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Policy & Strategy

New York | London | Washington D.C.

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Signum Global is an independent advisory firm operating at the intersection of policy and global markets. Signum Global works with financial institutions and multi-national businesses to anticipate and assess policy agendas and announcements that will have a material impact upon markets, sectors, and asset classes. We provide the highest-quality predictive research, market insights and policy events.

Signum Global’s Executive team enjoys unique exposure to decision-making at the most senior levels – political, financial and corporate. Our clients are better prepared to navigate increased political volatility with greater clarity and certainty. The firm operates globally from offices in New York, London and Washington D.C.

Policy Research & Analytics
Generate the highest quality independent, predictive policy research. Assess and anticipate the impact of actions by lawmakers in Washington, Westminster, Brussels, and elsewhere.
Rigorous analytical capabilities: leadership has extensive experience in political risk as well as investor & corporate advisory and strategy.
Institutional Investor & Corporate Advisory
Exclusive, high-touch client service customized to individual client preferences. CEO and Board counsel for business-critical financial and political issues.

Media Appearances

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Signum Global Advisors
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Signum Global Advisors
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