Signum Global provides best-in-class research and customized advice for an exclusive set of institutions, ultimately helping clients navigate a world of ever-growing political and macro uncertainty. Signum defines policy broadly as legislation, regulation, elections, trade, security, tech, energy, climate, geopolitics and macroeconomic policy.


Global Areas of Expertise





Fiscal & Monetary

Trade Policy

Security & Defense


Interest Rates

Global Equities

Emerging Technology



Asset Allocation



Policy Research & Analytics

  • Generate the highest quality independent, predictive policy research
  • Assess and anticipate the impact of actions by lawmakers in Washington, Westminster, Brussels, and elsewhere
  • Deliver company and portfolio specific insights to meet key commercial objectives
  • Provide greater predictability in times of uncertainty


Identify key international events and trends, analyze their political and market significance

Europe Post-Brexit

Provide insight and analysis of UK parliamentary process, UK x EU negotiations, and short-and long-term implications

National Policy

Assess & anticipate domestic policy agendas, the influence of party politics and potential outcomes (US, UK, Eurozone, Emerging Markets, Gulf)

Emerging Technology

Forecast regulatory environments in the US and Europe affecting ‘Big Tech’, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies


  • Rigorous analytical capabilities: leadership has extensive experience in political risk as well as investor & corporate advisory and strategy.
  • Unique policy meetings and roundtable events with senior principals, government officials and other subject matter experts within our collective network.
  • An independent Advisory firm, Signum Global has representation across the political spectrum.
  • Signum Global offers ‘calls’ only on topics where we are confident we have an edge; the calls are always predictive and at times out-of-consensus, buttressed by scenario analysis.

With Signum Global’s help, clients are better prepared to realize investment gains, mitigate losses and plan successful business strategies.

Institutional Investor & Corporate Advisory

  • Exclusive, high-touch client service customized to individual client preferences
  • CEO and Board counsel for business-critical financial and political issues
  • Forecast social, political and economic trends to inform corporate and investor strategies
  • Roadshows with world leaders in policy and technology

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