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Signum Global works with financial institutions and multi-national businesses to anticipate and assess policy agendas and announcements that will have a material impact upon markets, sectors, and asset classes.

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Escaping the Aeschylus Trap in the Middle East

The World Is Flat for Interest Rates

Call between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden conveys stability, deep disconnect in US-China ties: analysts

Biden and Trump Are Headed for a Rematch. 5 High-Stakes Issues to Watch

Expect Biden-Trump rematch in 2024 U.S. election: Charles Myers

Colorado’s barring of Trump could have wider implications in key battleground states, former diplomat says

The U.S. going to have a bigger political fight in Q1 2024, which will likely lead to a shutdown

McCarthy’s Ouster Leaves the World Guessing. What Comes Next.

‘Trump’s presence will be acutely felt’ at the first GOP debate, strategist says

Credit agencies could decide on a U.S. credit downgrade because of political disruption: Lew Lukens

A ‘dark horse’ Republican candidate could emerge as Trump’s legal problems mount, ex-U.S. ambassador says

Expect at U.S. government shutdown in October: Charles Myers

‘Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe’ Full Show (06/01/2023)

Biden Starts 2024 Campaign With Fundraising Edge Over Trump, GOP Rivals

There is a 25% probability the U.S. government will default on bond payments: Charles Myers

Bloomberg Markets: The Close

NPR: Sunday Weekend Edition (October 25)

BNN: The Open (October 23)

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe (October 16)

FA: Biden’s Threat To Crack Down On Wall Street Won’t Happen, Staffers Promise Industry

CNBC: Signum tells clients Biden won’t be moving too far left if he becomes president

CNBC: Financial advisory firm Signum tells clients Senate will flip to Democrats as Biden surges past Trump

Lukens on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Lukens on Huawei decision

Tensions grow in Iran as protesters take to streets over crash

Bloomberg turned down campaign fundraising money

Lukens on The Globalist

Investors are getting twitchy about Elizabeth Warren making it to the White House

Macron’s ‘hot streak’ in Europe may not help him at the next election, analyst says

Even if impeachment fails, the strategy is to weaken Trump

Trump to push for ‘mini-deals’ with China until 2020 election

Hong Kong Protests: Would China Send in Troops?

Hong Kong Suspends Extradition Bill: What’s Next?

‘Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia’ Full Show (06/13/2019)

Trump Has More to Lose Than China Politically if No Deal

Big Tech ‘in denial’ about the power of coming regulation

Trump Seen Imposing Iran Oil

Signum’s Myers Says High Probability Mueller Will Be Fired

Why 2018 May Be Ripe for an Unexpected Crisis

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