Bloomberg turned down campaign fundraising money

Charles Myers


Bloomberg turned down campaign fundraising money

According to the TV channel, he said that he intends to finance it at his own expense.

NEW YORK – Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg in the fight for the nomination of the US presidential candidate from the Democratic party intends to win the support of influential sponsors but refuses to accept donations from them. This was reported by CNBC, citing its own sources.

According to them, Bloomberg laid out a plan for the election campaign on December 19 at a closed meeting with 90 entrepreneurs, including the heads of New York private companies. Among them are investor Blair Effron, Blackstone investment group Executive Jonathan Gray, real estate investor William Rudin, Signum Global consulting company founder Charles Myers, and the wife of former American Express cashless payment system CEO Ken Chenault. Some participants in the meeting support other candidates for the US presidential nomination from the Democratic Party. Effron, for example, recently announced the decision to become a sponsor of former US Vice President Joseph Biden.

According to the publication, billionaire Bloomberg assured entrepreneurs that he intends to Finance his election campaign at his own expense. At the same time, he expressed interest in having representatives of big businesses support him with their influence primarily in the business community. The former mayor spoke about plans to focus on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan – four States where Democrats lost to Republicans in the 2016 presidential election. In addition, Bloomberg sets a task before his rivals to strengthen their positions in all 17 States, where the “Super Tuesday,” March 3, will be holding elections of delegates to the national conventions.

Marc LaVorgna, a spokesman for the former mayor’s campaign staff, told the TV channel that the meeting did take place and was dedicated to supporting the Democratic Party and how to achieve success in the race. “Mike explained to a large and diverse group of politically active new Yorkers how he can become a candidate [for US President from the Democrats] and why he has a higher chance of defeating Donald Trump. Second, it was necessary to explain why it was necessary to help the Democratic party eliminate the financial superiority of Trump and Republicans across the country,” he said.

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